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We practice traditional Japanese martial arts for lifelong development of body and mind

For meetings without conflicts, power that don't require strength and training without competitions where everyone is appreciated on the mat.

Welcome to join us and see why we smile when we train!


Monday & Wednesday

At 18 Kids from 7 years

At 19 Young & Adults

Spring term Januray to May

Summer practice June & August

Autumn term September to December

Budokan in Campushallen

Laboratorgrand 13 Skelleftea

Kids from 7 years

Playful & wholehearted training...

We offer the joy of movement with martial arts through play and games. We introduce techniques in a playful way, learn to train together and do what we can.


Young & Adults

...for a harmonious life

We offer training in a unique spirit that can be used both on and off the mat, in the dojo as well as in everyday life. With an emphasis on acceptance, conscious presence and peaceful solutions to conflicts. With Aikido you can increase your flexibility, improve cooperation with others, manage stress better and strengthen your self-confidence.



Growing together

We train at Budokan, perhaps the finest Japanese dojo outside of Japan. With many amenities such as three dojos (two with mats), a gathering room with a simple kitchen, sleeping room, wc and showers. Everything decorated in Japanese style. We're happy to organize and host seminars here.

DSC03344 J tar hand om H_edited.jpg

Watch a video about training aikido by the Swedish Aikido Association

The Swedish text translates 

AI - meeting without conflict

KI - power without strength

DO - training without competion.




Huvudinstruktör & Kassör / Headinstructor & Cashier

Nicklas Vikström 070-297 16 25

Hjälpledare & Ordförande / Assisting Coach & Chair

Terese Lindholm 070-508 69 43

Grundare & Hedersmedlem / Founder & Honorary Member

Rabbe Anklew 076-830 50 66

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We cooperate with RF-SISU

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